Our Aims and Objectives

Pursuant to the agenda of the Nigerian Community Bayern Germany e.V. to address the needs of members of the Nigerians in Diaspora living in Bavaria, we have identified various groups within the community for whom we have drawn up various objectives.

 The Nigerian Children and Family Affairs group is one of them and the following goals have been specifically set for the group:


  1. Trainings and lessons in the areas of music, dance, languages, and sports.
  2. Support and counseling on Child Care & Family Issues.
  3. Family events, excursions, cultural and sports events.
  4. Homework help for pupils, counseling and advice for couple/family
  5. Support in understanding and translating letters and documents in German language as well as counseling on issues with the authority, schools, etc.
  6. Trainings on home craft, cooking, and soft skill acquisition