Women's Affairs


Our Aim and Objective

The Nigerian community of Bayern e.V. wants to address the needs of the members of the
Nigerian Diaspora living in Bavaria. Therefore, we have identified various groups inside the
community, for whom we have drawn up varying objectives. The Nigerian women’s affairs
group is one of them.
The following goals have been specifically set for this group:

1. Enable an emancipative environment that will help women actively participate in
developing and strengthening the Nigerian community.
2. Empowerment of the women within the Nigerian community as well as in Bavaria.
3. Offer selected educational programs in conjunction with external education partners.
4. Provide selected health programs in collaboration with external health care experts.
5. Enable an active engagement in diverse networks of female organizations in Bavaria.
6. Share relevant information curated from the vast field of women-related activities for
the benefit of the women of the Nigerian community.

We would love to have you onboard and we would appreciate your ideas and perspectives.
Your significant involvement will help develop the community for the benefit of all Nigerians.

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