youth & STUDENTS


The targeted areas are as follows:

(1) A training on how to integrate successfully into the German system; this training should cover topics like German language acquisition, taxation, insurance (health, car, properties,, German work culture, translation of documents, pensions, marriage matters, children welfare, and socialization in general.

(2) CV preparation and guidance about what format is best acceptable in the German employment sector. A lot of students do not know how to write an attractive CV and or the format that is best accepted.

(3) Scholarships or Governmental supports: Are students entitled to any scholarships or governmental funding supports? If yes, what and how can students apply for this, and is it free? If governmental funding accessed by students is otherwise not free, when and how is the student liable to pay back if such funds are borrowed financing. If the student does not pay back and returns to Nigeria, can the debt
be recorded under bad debt, as is for example possible in the US?

(4) Members of the community who are gainfully employed can provide opportunities for information for internal recruiting when there are openings in their companies. With this, students who are already active members can be informed first to apply for such Werkstudent or internship positions before other outsiders will be aware of such openings. This point is very important because students would be more empowered to do many things as members of the community if gainfully employed.

5. Skill acquisition for empowerment is another viable aspect.  The community will organize a skill acquisition program and provide a good instructor who is knowledgeable in the following skills: Python, R-studio, Visual Analytics, CRM-Tools, Excel, etc., and any other courses that are important which might help the youth and students to get a job after graduation.